Report Copies

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A citizen may obtain a copy of a closed police report, a local record check, or calls for service through the Records Division for the following applicable fee:

Black and white, single-sided copy: $0.15/page 
Color, single-sided copy: $0.25/page
Black and white, double-sided copy: $0.20/page
Color, double-sided copy: $0.35 each page
Certified copy: $1.00 per copy     
911 CD/Tapes: depends on research time (see below)
Video Requests –

Video recording fees can be costly and are based on the time it takes records personnel to view, redact and prepare for public record. Fees are based on  F.S. 119.07(4)(d):

Section 119.07(4)(d) Florida Statutes states: “If the nature or volume of public records requested to be inspected, examined, or copied pursuant to this subsection is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by personnel of the agency involved, or both, the agency may charge, in addition to the actual cost of duplication, a special service charge, which shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost incurred for such extensive use of information technology resources or the labor cost of the personnel providing the service that is actually incurred by the agency or attributable to the agency for the clerical and supervisory assistance required, or both.”

After a request is made, record personnel may require a minimum of 50% deposit of the estimated total cost prior to filling the request.                        

Extensive Research: deposit required according to nature of the request.
Note: Extensive Research Fee is defined as a special service charge when the nature or volume of public records to be inspected is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources, or extensive clerical assistance or supervisory assistance or both.